Individual, Couple, Group – In Person or Phone Sessions

Eaglewoman came into this world with the gifts of multidimensional vision, communication and the ability to heal. Her transformational healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked so that prosperity, health and happiness may reside and thrive in abundance. How can abilities that stretch beyond the realms of our linear minds be explained?

When a person feels inspired to work with Eaglewoman, they are then giving permission for their Soul Grid to be presented to her. With her gift of multidimensional vision Eaglewoman is then shown the “blue print” that is you, what she calls your Soul Grid. Not only is she able to see this energetic map and framework of who you are, but she has the ability to re-align any energies or energetic blocks that she is being shown that are needing to be shifted or cleared. Another way of saying it could be that through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your physical and ethereal bodies. By going right to the core of where dis-ease originates, her work rapidly shifts, heals and elevates, creating an expansion in your life beyond what ones linear mind can comprehend. She is guided by your souls own request and highest awareness of what wants to take place and align for you in your life. This is a necessary component of her work with you as we all have a free will which cannot ever be intervened with. Thats why she calls it “divine timing” when you come to work with her, you will have a knowing that it’s the right time.

But how does she do this?

While maintaining pristine focused energy, having the ability to see multi dimensionally, being of pure heart and having been given permission by your soul together allows Eaglewoman to be able to realign and do her healing work with you. All the while her work remaining in alignment with your own free will. This means that you are an active participant in your own transformation and in maintaining this shift in your life. She is a conduit for divine messages, blessings, energies and guidance to come through, a bringer of miracles connecting heaven and earth, human and divine. Eaglewoman is a Doctor of the Soul.



Home, Business, Space and Land Clearings & Blessings

An environment has an energy, a vibration and a grid, an energetic map of sacred geometry. The energies of spaces can lose their integrity and shift out of alignment for many different reasons. This can cause disturbances in the feeling and vibration of your sacred space and the lands surrounding therefore affecting you. 

Eaglewoman works to clear and realigne your space through divine alchemy and sacred geometry in a similar fashion to the way in which she works with people. The size of the space and scope of the work necessary will determine the amount of time and energy she will need to expend. Once you have committed to her coming to do her work, the process has begun to clear any negative or discordant energies, ultimately shifting and realigning the grid. When the work is completed you’ll be called back and welcomed into your new sacred space with a ceremony and blessing.



Private & Public Group Healing Circles & Ceremonies

Gathering together in community is beautiful, powerful and scared. Every ceremony led by Eaglewoman is divinely guided for those in attendance. Whether it be dance, exercises, blessings or teachings all are designed to awaken and elevate particular aspects of 

ones self. 

Eaglewoman is a divine conduit to the whole of the heavenly hosts from the multi dimensions. They come to her on behalf of those before her and in doing so she anchors heaven here on earth. She is delivering the elevation, expansion and blessings that each individual soul in attendance is petitioning for, realigning those in attendance and the communities represented. Eaglewoman can perform ceremony in your space, for your community, as well as small or large private ceremonies and weddings.



Private & Public Teaching, Lectures & Workshops

Eaglewoman’s teachings and workshops, like her healing and ceremony work, come from her direct alignment and connection to Spirit and so are ever evolving. As an open channel to the multidimensional realms, she is divinely downloaded with the alchemic teachings necessary for each individual or group that she is working with. Rooted in the foundations of the world wide indigenous ways and incorporating Universal wisdoms, her teachings continue to expand in depth and breadth over time, always revealing deeper layers and new significance. 

Eaglewoman will be inspired to share precisely the message that needs to be delivered to those before her, or in just the right language to shake up what they thought they knew, so they may hear something as if for the first time, to “forget what they know and remember what they forgot”. Rather than expounding a set of stayed concepts, Eaglewoman is the teaching, both by being the living alignment which receives it and the embodied example of it. Eaglewoman offers her teachings in lecture, workshops, public or private events & ceremonies.